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Lemonade for Women Entrepreneurs

Has anyone every told you when life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Well, when someone said that to me, I wanted to punch them in the face and say, “No. I will NOT make any f*cking lemonade.” As entrepreneurs, we are quite literally making something out of nothing. That is miracle work! It can be […]

7 Ways Anyone Can Produce Less Waste

This post was originally published on Darling Magazine. When you live in New York City, trash is everywhere. Mountains of black garbage bags pile up on the sidewalk, plastic bottles and food scraps are tossed on subway tracks, and household junk overflow into the streets. According to the NYC Department of Environmental Conservation, New York […]

The Price Behind The Price Tag

Making the cross over to conscious consumerism does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of self-educating with tons of books, documentaries, and articles that are filled with absolutely horrifying truths. These truths will unapologetically slap you in the face with the harsh reality of your spending habits. That $10 H&M shirt is the equivalent […]

When Your Biggest Fears Come True

This post was originally published on Belong Magazine. There comes a time in life where your biggest fears come true. Mine happened unexpectedly while I was kayaking on a beautiful blue lagoon nestled in a quaint fishing village in Vietnam. I had been backpacking in Africa for two months and reminisced on the fond memories […]

Become A Master Minimalist: 5 Tips

This post was originally published on Eco Warrior Princess. The moment I realized I had too much stuff was when I went on my first backpacking trip to Africa. I had to decide what to take and what to leave behind. Looking through my closet I discovered I hadn’t worn 75% of my clothes and […]

ACE’s Origin Story

Let me just start with the fact that I never, ever, thought that I would be designing backpacks. All I knew was that I wanted to dedicate my life doing something that made the world a better place. I wanted to be a truth seeker. Find the truth. Tell that truth. Then share it with […]